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Johnathan Beyer (Ping) Joseph Frank (Pong)
John McVeigh (Pang)
(photo: Cory Lum)

(photo: David Bachman)

Joseph Frank (Pong) Remy Corazza (Pang)
Dale Duesing (Ping)
(photo: Carolyn Mason Jones)

Joseph Frank (Altoum)
(photo: Cory Weaver)

Turandot, Pong,
Hawaii Opera Theater 2013

"secondary characters proved delightful as well...and Pong (the riveting character actor, Tenor Joseph Frank)"






Turandot, Emperor Altoum,
Pittsburgh Opera 2011








Turandot, Pong,
Austin Lyric Opera 2011

"also deserving of special accolades is Joseph Frank (playing Pong) who brings colorful detail to the production through his carefully wrought acting and vocal inflections."





Turandot, Emperor Altoum,
San Francisco Opera 2011

"Tenor Joseph Frank delivered the emperor's pronouncements with feeling, in an appearance that was something of a return full circle. Thirty-four years ago, Frank sang Pong in a legendary 1977 San Francisco Opera production that starred Luciano Pavarotti and Montserrat Caballé. (Carol Vaness was one of the serving maids.)"
Seen and Heard International, Sept. 16, 2011

"Tenor Joseph Frank exuded regal world-
weariness as Turadot’s father, the emperor."
San Diego 2005.

"Tenor Joseph Frank - bright witty
Emperor Altoum." 10/11/99 Oakland Tribune

"Tenor Joseph Frank invested the aged
Emperor Altoum with both savvy and
restraint." 9/12/98 San Francisco Examiner

"Tenor Joseph Frank was a wily Altoum,"
10/8/93 San Francisco Examiner

""Fabulously feeble" In the cameo part of the
wizened emperor, San Jose State tenor Joseph
Frank brought out the requisite frailty of voice
and doddering mannerisms." 10/9/93
San Jose Mercury News

"Joseph Frank was the perfect Emperor,
whose every word was easily understood."
10/30/93 Hokubei Mainichi

"Joseph Frank paid Puccini the compliment of
singing, not croaking, the utterances of the aged
emperor." Bernheimer 10/28/93 Los Angeles Times

Eva Marton (Turandot) Michael Sylvester (Calaf)
Joseph Frank (Emperor Altoum)





Turandot, Emperor Altoum,
San Diego Opera 2011

"the aged Emperor Altuom, played with just the
right touch of decrepitness by character singer
Joseph Frank," Opera Warhorses, Jan 29, 2011

"We relish the people’s mighty hymn to Emperor
Altoum (esteemed tenor Joseph Frank)"
Blogosphere, Jan 2011

"Tenor Joseph Frank served well as the ancient
Emperor Altoum," Opera West, Jan 30, 2011


Eugene Onegin, Monsieur Triquet,
Pittsburgh Opera, 2009

"Act II focuses on Onegin and Lensky, but
perhaps the most entertaining character is
Monsieur Triquet (Joseph Frank)." Pittsburgh
Tartan (Oct 2009)

"The smaller roles were treated with no less
artistry than the leads...Joseph Frank's Monsieur
Triquet." Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Oct 2009)

Eugene Onegin, Monsieur Triquet,
Baltimore Opera

"The amusing, mannered Triquet was Joseph
Frank." 3/16/99 Baltimore Sun


Joseph Frank (Monsieur Triquet)
(photos: David Bachman)

Anna Samuil (Tatiana),
Joseph Frank (Monsieur Triquet)


Kristopher Irmeter (Ned Keene), John del Carlo
(Swallow), Joseph Frank (Rev. Adams)
Greg Fedderly (Bob Boles)
(photo: Ken Howard)

Peter Grimes, Rev. Horace Adams,
San Diego Opera 2009

"The cast was an exceptionally strong one...tenor
Joseph Frank was notable as the Rev. Horace
Adams." David Gregson (Opera News, July


Ariadne auf Naxos, Tanzmeister,
Metropolitan Opera, Debut 1979

"A witty Dancing Master." The New York Times

"His Dancing Master was a total delight vocally
and dramatically." New York Daily News

"Richly comic Dancing Master." Christian Science

"Joseph Frank’s wittily epicene Dancing Master."
1985 The New York Times, (John Rockwell)


Joseph Frank (Tanzmeister)
(photo: James Heffernan)


Ariadne Auf Naxos,
Los Angeles Opera 2004

"Joseph Frank was an airborne Dancing Master."

"Joseph Frank was remarkable as the Dancing
Master, an accomplished dancer as well as a fine
character tenor." (Beverly Hills)

Ariadne auf Naxos (Pittsburgh Opera)

“Her (Zerbinetta) four companions in the
Harliquinade were depicted with vitality by
Joseph Frank (who also excelled as the Dancing
Master in the Prologue,)….and Frank nimble
enough to sing well standing on his head with his
legs spread-eagled above him.” (Pittsburgh Post
Gazette-Robert Croan)

Martin Gantner (Musiklehrer), Lioba Bruan
(Komponist), Joseph Frank (Ein Tanzmeister),
Lyubov Petrova (Zerbinetta).
(photo: Ken Howard)


Joseph Frank (Incredibile), Sherill Milnes (Gerard)

Andrea Chenier, Incredible,
Pittsburgh Opera

"Joseph Frank, one of today's top character
tenors, was appropriately oily as the aptly named
spy." 10/19/98 Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Abduction from the Seraglio, Pedrillo,
San Francisco

"Joseph Frank must be the world’s champion
Pedrillo. He played Belmonte’s sidekick with a
fetching impishness and spark, not to mention
total vocal security, erasing in the process, all
previous portrayals." San Francisco Examiner


Joseph Frank (Pedrillo)
(photo: Carolyn Mason Jones)


Jose van Dam (Boris) Joseph Frank (Shuisky)

Joseph Frank (Shuisky), Paul Plishka (Boris)

Kathleen Hegierski (Fyodor), Joseph Frank (Shuisky)

Boris Godunov, Count Shuisky,
Theatre du Capitole, Toulouse, France

"Joseph Frank was a splendidly unctuous
Shuisky." 6/17/98 International Herald Tribute

"Major contribution came from Joseph Frank's
superbly duplicitous Prince Shuisky." 11/12/91
The Pittsburgh Press

"Joseph Frank slimy-toned, slimy Shuisky."
11/13/91 Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Boris Godunov, Sony recording:

"The exceptional quality of Joseph Frank's singing
gives Shuisky unusual prominence." Opera News.

"...the flattering, vicious Shuisky of Joseph
Frank," Music Review Magazine

"Frank is a light, ingratiating, understated Shuisky,
and perhaps all the more unctuous because of it."
American Record Guide 6/92

Boris Godunov (Tulsa Opera)

“Joseph Frank assumed a small, plaintive sound
as the Simpleton, his concept thoroughly touching.”
(Opera News-John Toms)


Fanciulla del West, Nick,
Palm Beach Opera

"Among the many small roles, Joseph Frank
(Nick) stood out for his natural phrasing."
1/24/00, Sun Sentinel


Joseph Frank (Nick) (photo: David Cornell)

Joseph Frank (Nick), Alain Fondary (Rance)
(photo: Winnie Klotz)


Brent Ellis (Enrico) Joseph Frank, (Arturo)
(photo: Michael Rosenthal)

Lucia di Lammermoor, Arturo,
Santa Fe Opera

"Joseph Frank as ‘Arturo’ is cool, poised and
lordly with a jewel of a voice that we’ll hear again
in Lulu, and would like to hear in lighter Mozart
and Strauss." William Dunning

"And Frank, who deserves more and more
mention for his acting resources, offered equally
resourceful tenor passages in his brief role of
‘Arturo’." Albuquerque Tribune

"I found Joseph Frank as ‘Arturo’ to have a
pleasing lyric voice." Will Hoffman


Lulu, Marquis, Prince,
Santa Fe Opera

"Joseph Frank’s ‘Procurer’, a key figure in the
first scene of Act III, was expertly done."

Andrew Porter, New Yorker

"Mention should be made, also, of the fine work
of Joseph Frank as the Prince and the Marquis."
Harold C. Schonberg, New York Times

"A fine piece of work was character tenor Joseph
Frank’s finely etched portrayals of the ‘Prince’,
the 'butler’ and the 'marquis.’" Washington Star


Nancy Shade (Lulu) Joseph Frank (Marquis di
Casti Pianti) (photo: Michael Rosenthal)


Joseph Frank (Goro) (photo: Winnie Klotz)

Madama Butterfly, Goro,
Pittsburgh Opera

"Joseph Frank was a smooth, slick Goro."
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"Joseph Frank, of the MET, displayed a clear-
sounding voice and an intelligent understanding of
the role. No wonder this young tenor is in
demand." Pittsburgh Press

"Joseph Frank successfully brought forth the
complex role of Goro as cultural go-between."
(2002 Pittsburgh)


Marcello Giordani (Pinkerton) Gaetan Leperriere
(Sharpless) Diana Soviero (Butterfly) Joseph
Frank (Goro) (photo: Jim Caldwell)

Madama Butterfly, Goro,
Houston Grand Opera

"Joseph Frank brings his reliable character tenor
bag of tricks and easy clear vocalization to bear
on the role of Goro. Year in and year out Mr.
Frank produces totally convincing impersonations
of secondary parts, always with flair and
originality. He is perfect as the duplicitous
marriage broker, playing Japanese against
American, while cheerily striding both sides of the
fence." Garretson, Houston Montrose Voice.

"And tenor, Joseph Frank, gave another of his
reliable character portrayals as the conniving
marriage broker, Goro." Carl Cunningham, The
Houston Post


Julian Patrick (Sharpless) Joseph Frank (Goro)
Renata Scotto (Butterfly)
(photo: Carolyn Mason Jones)


"The Pinkerton was out-sung by the pungent
character tenor Joseph Frank, as the marriage
broker Goro." 4/20/98 Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"The marriage broker Goro was brightly acted
and well sung by Joseph Frank" (Tribune)

The Magic Flute
"Veteran character tenor Joseph Frank took
focus every time he appeared in the cameo role of
the Moor, Monostatos." (Pittsburgh Opera) post-

Kiri Te Kanawa (Pamina) Joseph Frank
(photo: Carolyn Mason Jones)

Joseph Frank (Hauk-Sendorf) Karen Armstrong
(Emilia Marty) (photo: Ken Howard)

The Makropulos Case, Hauk-Sendorf,
Los Angeles Opera 1992

"Joseph Frank supplied a droll portrait the rouge-
cheeked Hauk-Sendorf, one of Marty's old
lovers." 12/16/92 San Francisco Examiner


Mignon, Laertes,
Santa Fe Opera 1982

"Joseph Frank’s light lyric voice lends a theatrical
quality to his portrayal of the actor ‘Laertes’."
San Francisco Examiner

Gianna Rolandi (Philine) Joseph Frank (Laertes)
(photo: David Stein)


Barbara Hendricks (Damigella) Joseph Frank
(photos: Carolyn Mason Jones)

L'Incoronazione di Poppea (SFO)

"San Francisco's cast...was nothing short of
brilliant...reaching a height of dazzling virtuosity in
the duet done by Barbara Hendricks and that
excellent tenor-buffo, Joseph Frank, their
amorous fingers crawling up a garden rake."
San Francisco Examiner

Manon Lescaut (Opera Colorado)

“Memorable was Joseph Frank’s immaculate
portrayal of the ultra-refined dancing
master.” (Christian Science Monitor-Eleanor

“a perfect dancing master played by tenor Joseph
Frank.” (Denver Muse-Blair Chotzinoff)

Manon Lescaut (San Diego Opera)

“Joseph Frank contributed pointed character
studies as the Dancing Master and
Lamplighter.” (Los Angeles Times – Martin

Manon Lescaut (SFO)
Joseph Frank (Maestro di Ballo) Leontyne Price
(photo: Carolyn Mason Jones)

Joseph Frank (Don Basilio)
(photos: Pamela Dale)

Bryn Terfel (Figaro), Joseph Frank (Don Basilio)

Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Basilio,
San Francisco Opera

"Joseph Frank once again steals the show in the
backup parts, playing old Basilio as a slick
gossip-monger, a man to be feared rather than
derided." 11/13/98 Mercury News

"Joseph Frank was an enjoyably oily Don Basilio"
11/11/98 San Francisco Chronicle

"Joseph Frank's Basilio oozed oiliness." 11/10/98
San Francisco Examiner

"No one does unctuous, insinuating villainy like
tenor Joseph Frank, and his enjoyably creepy
Don Basilio was the latest in a series of
memorable cameos." 1/12/98 San Francisco

Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Basilio,
Houston Grand Opera

"Joseph Frank was a delightfully moldy Basilio."
Opera News

“Tenor Joseph Frank stood out with his fine, clear
singing and his very forward characterization of
the gossipy, unsavory music master, Don
Basilio.” (Post-Carl Cunningham)


I Pagliacci, Beppe,
San Francisco Opera

"Joseph Frank turned in an exceptionally graceful
Beppe." Los Angeles Times

"Joseph Frank was a charming Beppe." Opera

Noelle Rogers (Nedda) Placido Domingo
(Canio) Ingvar Wixell (Tonio) Joseph Frank
(photo: Carolyn Mason Jones)

I Pagliacci, Beppe, Tulsa Opera

"And Frank, with only snatches to sing, was
impressive." Tulsa Tribune

"Joseph Frank as Beppe and as ‘Harlequin’ in the
play within the play sang the serenade, ‘O,
Colombina’ to perfection, displaying as he did in
‘La Navarraise’ a delightful tenor voice." High
Fidelity/Musical America

Louis Quillico (Tonio) Josephine Barstow
(Nedda) Harry Theyard (Canio)
Joseph Frank (Beppe)

Joseph Frank (Franz)

Tales of Hoffmann, Spalanzani,
San Francisco Opera

"Joseph Frank was an amusingly oily Spalanzani,"
11/19/96 San Francisco Chronicle

"Character tenor Joseph Frank deftly played
Spalanzani, the devious builder of the Olympia
doll that seduces Hoffmann." (SJ Mercury times

Tales of Hoffmann, Spalanzani,
Cochenille, Franz, Andres,
Chautauqua Festival

"In particular Joseph Frank, as the servant
Cochenille proved an absolute antic genius,
something he confirmed in three other roles."
7/8/95 Buffalo News

Tales of Hoffman, Spalanzani,
Cochenille, Franz, Andres, Honolulu

"Tenor Joseph Frank had comic business
throughout the evening in four roles. My favorite
was his dapper and officious Spalanzani, the
creator of Olympia but his Venetian hunchback
was quite suitably fulsome. I liked the deafness of
his Franz... cute." Honolulu Star Bulletin

"Joseph Frank’s representation of Spalanzani and
Franz deserves special mention." Honolulu



Tosca, Spoletta, San Francisco Opera

"Joseph Frank made full use of every opportunity
to turn Spoletta into a character of unforgettable
malevolence." Sunday Advocate, Baton Rouge

Luciano Pavarotti (Cavaradossi)
Joseph Frank (Spoletta)

Tosca, Spoletta, Philadelphia Opera

"Other assets were Joseph Frank’s very fine
cameo as Spoletta." The Bulletin, Philadelphia

Martina Arroyo (Tosca) Carlo Bini (Cavaradossi)
Joseph Frank (Spoletta)
(photo: Ken Howard)

Tosca, Spoletta,
Houston Grand Opera

"Wonderfully smarmy Spoletta was Joseph
Frank." Houston Chronicle

Tosca (San Diego Opera)

The smaller roles were neatly delineated,
especially the slimy Spoletta of Joseph
Frank.” (Los Angeles Times-Martin Bernheimer)

Ingvar Wixell (Scarpia) Joseph Frank (Spoletta)

David Pittsinger (Pistola) Thomas Stewart
(Falstaff) Joseph Frank (Bardolfo)
(photo: Larry Merkle)

Falstaff, Bardolfo,
San Francisco Opera

"Tenor Joseph Frank was a fine , puckish
‘Bardolfo’." J. Clingstone, San Mateo Times

"I also enjoyed the del arte performance of
Joseph Frank, ‘Bardolfo’." San Francisco

"Kevin Langan and Joseph Frank were a pair of
vital uglies, first class." Robert Commandy, San
Francisco Chronicle

"Joseph Frank rounds out the superb cast with a
first rate performance." Sacramento Bee

"Joseph Frank and Kevin Langan are the ugliest
and bawdiest Bardolfo and Pistola ever to argue
the case for man’s honor on the opera stage." R.
Pontzius, San Francisco Examiner

"Joseph Frank as a spirited Bardolfo - cast as
generous as you are likely to find."

"Joseph Frank and Kevin Langan stumbled and
bumbled faithfully as the cartoonish Bardolfo and
Pistola." Martin Bernheimer, L.A. Times

"As Falstaff’s cronies, Joseph Frank and Kevin
Langan, Bardolfo and Pistola, expertly executed
much of the exaggerated antics and stylized
attitudes of the staging." Contra Costa Times.

Falstaff (Houston Grand Opera)

“Joseph Frank’s nicely lyrical and vivacious
Bardolfo.” Houston Post (W. Albright)


Wozzeck, Der Nar,
San Francisco Opera

"Strong support came, however, from Joseph
Frank's veteran fool." SF Examiner

"Joseph Frank was a superb Madman." OPERA
Allan Ulrich

Allan Monk (Wozzeck) Joseph Frank (Der Nar)
(photo: Marty Sohl)

Wozzeck, The Idiot,
San Diego Opera

"An impressive operatic actor, Joseph Frank as
the Idiot." 2007 (San Diego)

"Joseph Frank as the Idiot who chillingly predicts
the smell of blood around Wozzeck." (San Diego)

"Joseph Frank was the poignant Idiot." (San
Diego - 2007)

"Joseph Frank was terrific as the so-called
Idiot" (San Diego - 2007)

American tenor Joseph Frank (The Idiot) and
German bass Franz Hawlata (Wozzeck)
in San Diego Opera’s production of Wozzeck,
directed by Des McAnuff.
(photo: Ken Howard, 2007)



Mefistofele, Wagner,
San Francisco Opera

"San Jose character tenor Joseph Frank was
properly unctuous as Faust's sidekick Wagner,
and his voice was solid." 11/14/94 San Jose
Mercury News




Rake’s Progress, Selem,
Honolulu Opera

"Tenor Joseph Frank was a spirited auctioneer."
Star Bulletin

"A magnificent touch of color in the costume and
orange-red wig of the auctioneer, played and
sung with skill and polish by Joseph Frank."
Honolulu Advertiser


Dichterliebe Song Cycle by Robert Schumann, San Francisco Legion of Honor

One of three Lieder Abends that Tenor Joseph Frank performs in 1981. Samuel Christler at the piano.

Christmas Oratorio, Evangelist, Tenor
Arias, Santa Fe Symphony and Chorus

"Tenor Joseph Frank (another Santa Fe Opera
Alumni) performed double duty as both the
Evangelist and the tenor soloist. It's not always
possible that both roles can be sung by the same
voice. His technical versatility allowed him to
perform artistically well in each role." 12/22/98
The New Mexican


St. John Passion
(Buffalo Philharmonic)

“The musical forces were impressive…soloists,
some of whom were superb. Count one of the
latter as tenor Joseph Frank as the Evangelist,
whose fluid phrasing, expressive nuance and
exceptional vocal control made the recitative
seem an art in itself.” Buffalo News (Kenneth

Ode to St. Cecilia (Handel)
Sinfonia San Francisco

“Metropolitan and San Francisco Opera tenor
Joseph Frank was the evening’s featured artist,
and his creamy voice provided the finest, and
most sensitively created musical moments of the
program.” (San Francisco Examiner – Richard

“Tenor Joseph Frank sang his grand arias with
ring and vigor. He provided a bright coloratura
splash.” (San Francisco Chronicle –Marilyn

St. Nicolas (Britten)

“…Spearheaded by Joseph Frank’s ringing
portrayal of the Bishop (Nicolas), the piece
communicated powerfully.” Indianapolis Star (Jay